Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Writer's Block

The moon barely glooms
Parasites its light through the sun
The coffee lessens its heat
As the milk shares the cup

The window frames the silhouette
Trying all your might not to regret
The first word just won't come out
It still ends at the dead end

Never changes, never gets old either
The light's blinding your vision
As another morning passes through
It's still on repeat, on repeat

You try to think, your mind astray
But it's no use anyway
Breaking every raw image
Stealing every absolute salvage

"This too shall pass.", you say
But it's no use anyway
Holding your pen, still and not moving
Staring blankly, sitting akwardly

Just let go, it will come
Let it go, the writing will hit the drum
Feel the pain until you feel no more
Shout 'til hits the core

Your cuts won't save you
No matter what you do
Your pen is your sword
Find a way, on your own

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