Saturday, October 9, 2010

There is no language for how I feel.

Hell, I can't even put it in words. Like sex, it's euphoric but it hurts at the same time. [At least for girls... or guys too. LOL]

Take me somewhere far.

Tomorrow will be different

No, tomorrow’s just another day like today. But everything will never be the same again. I won’t write this the same way if I write this tomorrow. It won’t change the fact you’re still there and I am here.

But it’s okay, I guess. Just say the only thing that will not change tomorrow is that you’ll be there and I’ll be here. Mind-blabbering, isn’t it? You’re there and I’m here. There will always be distance, but it feels like we understand why it has to be this way. We know that it doesn’t matter. Nothing else matters.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My life

has been pretty awkward. I'll not even try to explain why but believe me, it has been pretty awkward. There were some dull moments, there were moments of high. All made me to what I am today. It's not a polished shoe shining when reflected by light, but it's decent enough to wear in a ball or something. Aside from the lame metaphor, here are my supposed-to-be birthday resolutions:
  • Be a more responsible son.
  • Earn enough money to buy things I want.
  • Extract more creative juices.
  • Be a more responsible blogger. (Oh please. LOL)
  • And lastly, be a better person all in all.
As I leave one era of my life, teenage years that is, I'm trying to start a new one ahead of me.

PS: Yes, it's my birthday on the 20th of September.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I have never given much thought to anything.

I mean, I can't even explain where to start explaining by what I'm trying to say. Okay, I'll start trying: There are certain limits to any levels or kinds of tolerance there is in this world. In my almost 20 years of existence in this fucked up planet, y'all be saying I don't even have the right to say what I'm about to say since y'all think I haven't even started life yet.

Being distracted aside, what I'm trying to say is: Every bit of too much is not good. I'm not saying it's bad, but it's just not good. Find the thin line that separates those two. Anyway, if it gets to the point where you don't even know the reason why you're doing it, just think about it for a second and stop. Stop and think. It never hurts to think sometimes, you know? In this fast-paced world, where technology has driven the planet, where information is just a click away, it's not that hard to think.

But then again, we may have abused these privileges. We may have been wandering too much and crossing borders we never could have taken if it wasn't for the wonderful world (or not) of the internet. We stay connected with families, friends and our loved ones. Some even uses it to find there love. For some, it may have worked, but for others trying to satisfy there lusts, it gets a bit shaky and... Where am I even headed with all the blabbering? I have no idea too, don't worry.

See? I have never given much thought to anything.