Monday, June 28, 2010

Job vs. Career

Disclaimer: Just put in mind that this is clearly from the blogger's point of view, perspective and experience. Purely opinionated. You can't even put it on Wikipedia. Duh.

Here's the thing:
I'm a fresh graduate. I have an arts degree majoring in Advertising. Which means I must be dealing with corporate clients who have enough money to advertise their products or services. I must find a "job" in accordance to my course, which include Account Management, Media Planning, Creatives or Production. Well, I'm a sucker for planning. Seriously, do I look like a guy with a plan? Well, I could do for production or creatives. Sadly, there are not a lot of available "jobs" in that area. All "glamour" advertising agencies have this discrimination. If you're not hip, if you're not from the top 3 schools in the Philippines, you're not in. Pessimistic, right? But it's the sad reality I'm facing right now.

So here's another thing:
What do we really want? A "job" or a "career"? Honestly, I've tried my best to get a "job". But I always figure out in the end that it's not where I want to start. That is why after 3 months of being a graduate, I've said "No, I won't do this job." to about 3 offers. One in a bank, one in a marketing thing and one in a call center. See? What's the relevance, right? Maybe that marketing thing can be a little close, but it's still not what I want to do with my life.

And then, there's another thing:
How does a "job" differ from a "career"? Well, basically, I think this is how it goes: A job lets you earn a monthly or weekly salary while a career can lead to a larger salary in the future. What am I saying? Job: Short-term, Career: Long-term. So what would you choose? Of course you'll like that cliche thing they've been saying, "It's better to plan for the future." We all like security, right? So we all choose a career. Realistically speaking, it's hard to start a career.

Last thing:
How do you start a career? Again, in the little molecules just right below my scalp, it says a career will start with the right job. By right, I mean, use what you've studied for. Why would you waste your life doing things you never like in the first place, right? And it starts with a choice. Even choosing your college degree can affect your freaking life in the long run. So, choose wisely.

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