Monday, July 12, 2010

The Local Scene

I have to admit that I have never fully supported OPM except for Eraserheads. That is a sweet confession I have to make. My taste on local music has frankly changed through out the years. 4 years ago, I was singing all the Bamboo and Urbandub songs there is. And honestly, I still do up to now. Then, a friend of mine introduced me to this whole new sound. Electronic + Pop + Indie + Rock. It had me. It still has me.

Taken By Car's "Uh Oh" got me going for a few weeks. Then I met Updharmadown. I first heard their song "Oo'" way back. I was too young to appreciate it. Then came their second studio album, "Bipolar". I fell in love with Armi Millare's voice. I still can't stop listening to all their songs. What really struck me is how the lyrics and beats marry each other. It's like they're meant to be for that song. "Sana", "Taya" and "Sugarcoats and Heartbeats", those are my favorite songs on that album. But "Fragmented" also got me somewhere along the way. "Oo", "Malikmata", "We Give In Sometimes" and "Pag-Agos" are my favorites.

And now, the local music scene is truly getting better and better. I've liked a lot of bands since then. Us-2 Evil-0, Kjwan, Pedicab, SinoSikat?, The Out of Body Special and Techy Romantics are some that struck me right away.

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