Monday, July 12, 2010

i Viva La Furia Roja !

I didn't exactly just woke up, but I have to say that the 2010 FIFA World Cup Finals between Spain and The Netherlands kept me awake last night. Having 1/4 Spanish blood running in my veins, I think it would be natural for me to root for my ancestors. I may not like the colonization process they have done here in the Philippines, because that would mean I wouldn't be born if they weren't here for more than 300 years. Anyway, as I was saying, Spain was what I was rooting for. The first 100 minutes were dreadfully, painfully and consistently boring. Sorry I had to say that. But I was expecting a very crucial and exciting match between the two finalists. Having beaten all the best teams in the world and staying a world cup final proved how good the team is. But sorry to say, they disappointed me on that finals. Not that I have watched millions of football games, but it was exhausting to watch 22 people run around a huge, green field without taking any decent goal. Well, except for some Spain misses, I think they got some of my nerves cracking.

Then this guy came in out of nowhere to win it for Spain. Sure, the royalties of this country were happy enough to see their country win a world cup final for the first time in history. So again, my warmest congratulations to the

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