Thursday, August 19, 2010

Farting Fictions: At 2:00 AM

You kissed my cheek as you walked with me up to my unit. You couldn't stay because my stupid dorm mate would be displeased to see you again. We had to be understanding just this once, it's past 2:00 AM and we had a great time. Just the two of us.

"Are you going to call me when you wake up?"

"I'll try not to think of you, just this once."

"I tried that but I failed."

"So you tried it?"

"But I failed. Miserably."

Our short conversations weren't enough. I had to do something. I have to have something you can't take away again. Taking my heart away every time you're with me is just unbearable. But it feels good, nonetheless. I knew I had to do it. Gently, softly, I kissed you on the lips. No words can describe how I feel every time I do that. Your scent fills up my lungs and I swear I could die any second. But you, you keep me alive. Ironic as it is, you're my death and you're my living. And then there we were, we couldn't keep our hands from ourselves. Every time we kiss, our minds simply stop and it leads us to somewhere only the two of us ever existed. And then reality strikes back with the bell of the elevator as we waited there in the hall.

"I should go in now. I still have work tomorrow."

"You probably should, I'll go ahead then."

"Love, don't ever try not thinking about me again?"

"I knew you'd react. I will always fail in that area, love. I decided to call you 'love' since no other term in the world could ever describe you. As generic as it sounds, you are my love. And guess what?"


"People dancing at clubs, people dating more people, they're trying to find what I found in you. And I'll never know what to do if I lose you."

"Now, go before I I ask you to stay again."

"I can stay."

"Let's be considerate this time."

"You should get your own place."

"I probably should."

I asked you to go because I could squeak like a little girl of you don't go ahead any minute. I know I'll sleep with the most comforting words I'll ever hear in my life.

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  1. Oh my god. Love is in the blogosphere air.