Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fire and Ice, You and I.

It's simple. Tell me if this principle applies to all kinds: Opposites attract. You've read that right, does it really apply to all things? They say different people attract each other. Like magnets. But how about elements? You see, I've always believed that I am a little ball of fire and sometimes a crack of ice.

I've remembered these kinds of things because I was singing a hypnotic song called "We Give In Sometimes" by none other than Up Dharma Down. Gray areas are surely fine, it's as simple as meeting half-way and trying to work things out. But then again, fire simply melts the ice. As fire can be put out as the ice melts when fire reaches it. They outdo each other. How does that compare to what I'm trying to say, though?

Sand and the sea, meet in between. Fire and ice, you and I.

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