Sunday, August 8, 2010

My official to do list before I die:

Go to the Gulf of Mexico and eat tacos on a cruise ship.
Go to Canada and ask why they’re not Americans.
Go to London and make the queen bow to me.
Go to some cobbled streets of Amsterdam and get stoned with a local prostitute.
Go to Maldives and ask why their resorts are expensive as hell.
Go to the Vatican and ask the Pope why the Papal Conclave takes a lot of days. Is it because all the cardinals wants to be the next Pope? What’s so “holy” about that?
Go to Tibet and pray with a monk.
Go to Mongolia and ask why they wanted to conquer China when in fact their country is like a puff of smoke to the sleeping giant of the Asian territory.
Go to Malaysia and ask why they blend onions, garlic, chili and water together to form a paste and mix it with fish. Sounds weird.

There are a lot of other things still on my mind. I’ll write them some other time when my head clears up.

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